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Due to popular request from our existing Funnel Boss basic members, we have created a limited time discounted upgrade for members who missed out on the amazing Funnel Boss Monthly membership when they initially joined. Now is your chance to gain access to everything below at a discounted price!


What If I Told You...
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A Shortcut Right To The Money!

You will make money and build your list faster, easier and with zero hassle when you have these pre-built funnels every month. Think of the TIME you'll save by having a brand new professionally created multi media information product and DONE FOR YOU SALES FUNNELS delivered right to your inbox each and every month.

Here's What I Mean... To Build A Proper Funnel You Would Need To Create ALL Of The Items Below:

An Optimize Press Funnel Template

This is a turn key, conversion driven website template for WordPress. This funnel contains Six Optimize Press 2.0 page templates that are ready to load into your OP2 theme. The pages already include sales copy and marketing media.

 Squeeze Page
 Buzzinar Inviter Page (Share Page)
 Small Download Page
 Big Download Page
 Sales Page
 Member Welcome Page

A Professional designer would charge you a minimum of $150 to design and layout a 6 page OP2 website like this.cost150



A Professionally Written Report

This is a beautifully formatted report that corresponds perfectly with the main product. You'll use this report to attract leads and build your subscriber list on auto pilot.

This is quality writing thats been proof read and edited by my staff. The report is a beautiful PDF document with professional artwork. You can modify the source text file customize the content however you wish.

A Professional ghost writer would charge you a lot more than $75 to create a brand new report for your squeeze page.cost75



A Professionally Written eBook

This is the meat and potatoes of the product. You're getting a fully produced book with multiple chapters including a table of contents and a disclaimer page.

These books vary in size from 30 pages to 100 pages and are filled with fresh relevant content as it pertains to the subject matter . You can modify it and claim authorship.

Getting an original eBook created isn't cheap because of all the work and research involved. A professional ghost writer would charge you a lot more than $225.

Voice Over Narration Of Entire Book

This is a chapter by chapter narration of the entire eBook. The broadcast quality audio is superb. Your customers will love that they can download the audio's to their mobile device.

You don't need to spend money on expensive gear, we've got you covered. These MP3 files sound awesome because they were produced in a professional recording studio using a high quality condenser microphone.

Hiring a voice over artist on fiver for a 1 minute read is one thing, but getting one to narrate an entire BOOK is something else. This type of work will easily cost you $275.

Mp4 Video Presentation Series

A video series makes the perfect upsell because people LOVE watching videos online. These video's look great because they were created with Keynote and produced on Screenflow.

No need to spend countless hours editing video files because we've done the hard work for you. Each of these funnels comes with a series of videos that take the info product to a whole new level.

A professional video producer would charge you an arm and a leg to create an entire video course like this. We estimate that the starting cost350price would be more than $350 to get this done.

Follow Up Email Sequence

This is a credibility and trust building email sequence that will reintroduce your prospects to your funnel. This is a KEY step in the process but most marketers slack off on doing it.

This is a 5 email follow up sequence that you can modify or use as is. Just queue them up in your autoresponder and let the copy do the selling for you on complete auto pilot.

A professional copy writer charges anywhere from $100 to $500 PER EMAIL so we are being very conservative when we say that an entire series of emails would cost you at least $150 to produce.

Editable Site & Product Graphics

This is a credibility and trust building email sequence that will reintroduce your prospects to your funnel. This is a KEY step in the process but most marketers slack off on doing it. You're getting the entire graphics set which includes editable PSD files.

FLAT Product Graphics
Report & eBook Cover
3D Book Image
3D Video Player Image
3D Audio Mp3 player image
Website logo design & header.

If you've ever ordered website and product graphics from a decent designer then you know that the price is seldom under $100 for decent quality work. And cost100you'll be hard pressed to find a designer will give you the PSD files for just $100.

All Of The Source Files With PLR Rights

Very few designers, writers and other professionals would give you unrestricted rights to their work but thats exactly what you're getting here.  You are getting all of the editable source files to every piece of content used in the creation of the product and funnel.

All the text documents, keynote presentation files, image files and SALES COPY are all provided for you to edit as you wish. This includes PRIVATE LABEL RIGHTS for you to claim authorship.

It's tough to estimate the value of all these source files and a private label license. Yhese files took hundreds of man hours to develop and you're getting full author cost150rights so we are being really conservative when we value it at only $150.

The Bottom Line....

Producing Complete Funnels Of This
Quality Every Month Would Cost You:

Over $1500 Each!

But What If I Told You...

We Can Do All Of That FOR YOU!

What If I Got My Entire Team To Create This Material FOR You

Every Single Month At A SUPER Low Price!

Think About How Much Time You'll Save!

As A Member Of The "VIP Monthly Club" All Of Your Funnels Include:

  • OP2 Funnel Template

    6 page “ready to go” Optimize Press website funnel template including all sales copy.

  • Lead Magnet Report

    A professionally written and customizable report for your squeeze page lead magnet.

  • A Quality Ebook

    This is a well written quality eBook that corresponds with the lead magnet report.

  • eBook Narration Mp3's

    A professionally recorded chapter by chapter narration of the entire eBook.

  • Mp4 Video Course

    Each product includes several videos that correspond with the main eBook.

  • Follow up Emails

    An “autoresponder ready” email sequence to follow up with and convert your leads.

  • Editable Images

    You get professional product and website graphics with editable PSD files for it all.

  • PLR Rights

    These funnels are yours to do customize and modify as you wish all source files are included.

Consider The Massive Value You're Getting...

Think about what you're about to get...  our in-house team has invested hundreds of hours into creating these unique professional information products. This is TOP QUALITY writing, designing, recording and media production.

developmentThe graphics set alone for just one product would cost you approximately $100 if you were to buy them on your own! But we actually include graphics for you here WITH THE EDITABLE PSD FILES TOO!

As a matter of fact you're getting ALL THE SOURCE FILES to every piece of the product and funnel WITH PLR RIGHTS. So you can edit, modify and claim authorship on every one of these product and funnels!

Lets not forget the funnels themselves, these are professionally designed pages for Optimize Press 2 which include all of the sales copy and sales media too! Just upload them to your website and customize them to your heart's content!

As an added perk, our copywriting team has created a 5 email follow up sequence for every funnel so that you can easily build trust with your prospects and convert them into buyers on autopilot!

These are so much more than just products and funnels, these are LITERALLY businesses in a box and you get them every single month.

That Is A $3,000 VALUE Every Single Month...

You're About To Get An ENTIRE YEAR Of Funnels For

Only $27 Per Month!

Funnel Boss VIP UPGRADEFunnel Boss - Training Course

Just Listen To What Funnel Boss "Early Access" Members Have To Say:

"WOW, Funnel Boss Is A Show Stopper!"

This is WAY more than just a sales funnel with a sales page and downloads page. Omar shares it all with us and not only explains and shows you what's what, but he explains in detail why it needs to be just that way. You guys so over delivered on everything.

And the VIP Monthly Club everyone needs to get in on it! Funnel Boss has everything to turn anyone into a money making and list building FUNNEL BOSS when they follow Omar's training and use the tools and material you have provided with it.

Thanks again and great job!

<strong>David Caudill</strong>
David Caudill Internet Marketer

"I Recommend You Invest In Funnel Boss!"

One of the most important elements of a successful online business is having a sales funnel. I've purchased just about every funnel course I find and I've paid as much as $2,000 to learn about funnels.

In Funnel Boss, Omar details a number of funnel strategies in a way that is easy to understand and implement by just about anyone. I particularly love the Buzzinar concept within the viral lead funnel and will be implementing this strategy in a new niche market.

You won't find any training of this calibre at this price point. If you want to succeed online, then I recommend you invest in Funnel Boss!

<strong>Andrew Hunter</strong>
Andrew Hunter

When You Add The "VIP Club Monthly" Today, You Will Also Get FULL INSTANT ACCESS To 2 Of Our Top Selling Products Valued At $200 :


The Autopilot Viral Traffic Getting Software Plugin That Catapults Your Business In 2 Easy Steps

  • Four (4) highly details Buzzinar video training modules
  • Complete "Buzzinar" PDF manuscript
  • Twelve professionally recorded Mp3 chapters of the Buzzinar audio book
  • The Buzzinar WordPress Plugin for attracting viral traffic to your websites
  • The Buzzinar HTML Software version of the plugin for non-Wordpress sites
  • Unlimited developer license for Buzzinar so you can use it on as many websites as you want
  • One (1) full year of free updates and support for the Buzzinar WordPress plugin
  • And much much more!

Total Value: $100

5 Of Our Battle Tested Super Simple Back-End Plugins And Training For Creating Passive Income

  • Four (4) in-depth easy to follow Content Nitrous video training modules
  • Complete "Content Nitrous" PDF manuscript
  • All professionally recorded Mp3 chapters of the Content Nitrous audio book
  • The Content Nitrous WordPress StepBox Plugin proven to increase profits time and time again
  • The Note Nitrous WordPress Plugin will allow your members to type and save their notes on your site
  • The 404 Nitrous WordPress Plugin to create and MONETIZE your 404 error pages
  • The Menu Nitrous WordPress Plugin to install a smooth scrolling JUMP menu on any WordPress page
  • The Drip Nitrous WordPress Plugin is by far the EASIEST way to automatically deploy timed interval content to create continuity income
  • One (1) full year of free updates and support for the Buzzinar WordPress plugin
  • And much much more!

Total Value: $100

You're getting the one-time opportunity to get your hands on professionally created products and FUNNELS to RAKE IN SUBSCRIBERS AND PROFITS month after month!

If you want to grow you list and make money fast, then this is exactly what you need to turbo-boost your business. And this is why we're handing you, on a silver platter, the complete funnels that you need to make it happen each and every month.

designIf You Take Action Now Through This One Time Offer We Will DOUBLE Your Monthly Package
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Add Funnel Boss Monthly to your order right now before you enter the members area and every month we'll send you 2 COMPLETE FUNNELS & PRODUCTS FOR THE PRICE OF ONE.

Each month you'll receive one brand new business/marketing related product and funnel and one NON business related product and funnel. You get PLR rights which means you can use these however you want (you just cant sell or giveaway the PLR rights themselves.)

You could scour the internet for hours trying to find a deal this good for such quality products and funnels but you simply wont. You'll just waste your time and end up back here hoping we'll let you in.

I know this because I've looked myself. I set out to find the best PLR material on the web and when I did...  I upped the ante. My team and I slaved away for hours to create the best funnels and most powerful lead magnets you'll find.

Funnel Boss VIP UPGRADEFunnel Boss - Training Course

Add The "VIP Club Monthly" Today And Get TWO (2) Professionally Designed Funnels Delivered To You Every Single Month!


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Omar & Melinda's 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

This product comes with a risk free 100% money back guarantee. We are confident that you’ll love the training but if you change your mind for any reason just let us know within the first 30 days from purchase and we will refund you 100% via PayPal.  Y No hoops to jump through, No gimmicks, No Bull Crap.

phone-logo-md Feel free to call us if you have any questions or concerns 866-205-3389

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