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From The Home Of: Omar & Melinda Martin
Regarding: Funnel Boss

So many good people just like you set out to build an online business every single day but the internet just hammers them down till they feel completely defeated.

I've seen good people JUST LIKE YOU work really REALLY hard to develop a great idea into an amazing product only to fall flat on their faces just because the marketing was all wrong.

No matter how AMAZING your product is, if the marketing isn't on point your business will fail. You have got to get the sales angle right or all of your hard work will be in vain.

Experts agree that the key to longterm online success is mastering SALES FUNNELS. But... the thing is that most people who set out to build an online business totally screw up their funnels.

You may THINK you know what you're doing at first but then reality sets in when you log into your paypal account and see ZERO dollars, day after day.  You've worked so hard, you've sacrificed time away from your family, you've invested money that you didn't even have and still success eludes you.


But What If You Had A Proven Sales Process To

With A Steady Flow Of New Subscribers To Buy Your Products?

What would your life be like if you had the perfect combination of web pages to make people come and buy from you over and over?

Can you actually imagine what having the perfect sales funnel will do for your business?

Imagine waking up on the first of the month and knowing that all your bills are already paid because your online business is running on autopilot. Picture this feeling of FREEDOM every single month from here on out!

Imagine NO MORE zero dollar days in PayPal because you've set up a FUNNEL that works day and night to keep new leads and new sales coming in while you're out doing things that actually MATTER.

Once you have the right marketing system in place, you wont have to worry about letting down your loved ones ever again. You're finally going to have a secure business future...

  • NO MORE struggling to drive traffic.
  • NO MORE S.E.O guessing games.
  • NO MORE information overload.
  • NO MORE struggling to build your list.

After Countless Hours Of Testing &
After Investing Tens Of Thousands Of Dollars


It wasn't easy but we did it and we're about to teach you exactly how.

Now YOU DON'T have to work your ass off like we did. As long as you can follow instructions and point and click your mouse you're golden!

We've launched dozens of products and run hundreds of affiliate marketing campaigns online over the past 10 years. A lot of blood sweat and tears went into the discovering the right process but every single split test we ran helped us figure out another piece of the puzzle.

We learned to assemble our offers into sales process or "funnels" that attract leads and guide the prospects through the purchase decision. It took us 18 months of trial and error just to get the system to six figures, but we didn't stop there!

We set out to automate the process and create fully functional quickly repeatable funnels that work every time. Thats how we scaled things up and took our business to 7 figures!

Thanks to our funnel system, we now have a successful home business with tens of thousands of customers, and subscribers. We have thousands of action taking students JUST LIKE YOU that have benefitted from our funnels.

Now it's finally your turn...

It's About Time YOU Got Your Hands On


That Expert Marketers Have Been Successfully Using ON YOU For Years

You're About To Watch Me Illustrate All Of

Our Ninja Funnel Hacks & Tricks That You Can

Swipe & Deploy To Make Fast Money Consistently

  • What The Heck Is A Sales Funnel?

    Dismisses the common misconception that kills most funnels

  • The Viral Lead Funnel

    This video will reveal a little known tactic that constantly attracts NEW traffic

  • The Viral Trust Funnel

    This one method will create passive income for you every single month

  • The Viral Sales Funnel

    This method makes you more money from every product launch and every bonus offer

  • Download Page vs. Welcome Page

    Learn when and where to use the most profitable page

  • Anatomy Of
    A Members Area

    Discover the true power of laying out your material inside a members area

  • Assembling A
    Business Funnel

    This is the most important funnel you could ever learn to create

These Are My Secret Backend Funnel Tactics
That You Can Use To Build A Freakishly Huge List And


100% Newbie Proof Funnel Training!

The Funnel Boss tactics we're talking about here are not "theory" like what a failed marketer turned college professor would try to pass on you.

This is 100% success proven and actionable training that people just like you are using to get massive results already.

You will learn the way EXPERTS create lead funnels and sales funnels that drive millions of dollars in sales by watching these videos without ever having to leave your home.

The best part is that FUNNEL BOSS IS 100% NEWBIE PROOF! Omar presents the material in a SUPER EASY to understand by actually DRAWING it out on your screen.

"You Need This!"

I thought I understood marketing funnels better than most but to say I was schooled after going through Funnel Boss is an understatement! In video 4 Viral Sales Funnel, these weren’t gold nuggets but rather gold bars!

Then I went through Video 5 Welcome Page and all I can say is WOW! I have pages of notes and I’m ready to implement them in my business right away. I never realized how much money I’ve been leaving on the table.

If you are serious about your online business then you need this. You will learn how to create a true Internet business not just a marketing funnel.

<span style=Steve Haase" >
Steve Haase Internet Marketer

“Another Home Run!”

What I liked most about their system is that it brought fresh, new techniques that I never would have thought about. In particular, “The Viral Sales Funnel” training goes in depth on exactly how to set up a sales funnel using a simple technique that shares it, making it go viral. This creates many, many more views and clearly more sales. This technique alone is worth its weight in gold! I wish I knew this many years ago.

Thanks again Omar and Melinda. You hit another home run!

<span style=Brian Wilson" >
Brian Wilson InternetIncomeSolutions

"I'm Amazed And Surprised!"

I've just gone through the Funnel Boss training and I have to say I'm amazed and surprised! I am going to eat my porridge and go through the training again, it is THAT good!

<span style=Michael Cheney" >
Michael Cheney 7-Figure Marketer

"WOW! I Have Been Blown Away!"

Funnel Boss gave me a realistic plan of action for generating and converting new leads in my business. This is something I have greatly struggled with since 2014 but not anymore!

The module on creating a Viral Sales Funnel has got me really excited & I cannot wait to start implementing this strategy and see the results. Awesome stuff here from Omar and Melinda!

<span style=Aidan Corkery" >
Aidan Corkery Affiliate Marketer

"It's Absolutely Awesome!"

I can't believe all the stuff you put into that Funnel Boss training. It's absolutely awesome! No wonder you're raking it in and buying new houses.

<span style=Dave Nicholson" >
Dave Nicholson Planet Divinity

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FREE BONUS #1  $27 Value

Affiliate Superstar Training Course

This is a video course composed of 3 training sessions that Higher Level Strategies’ team held and in collaboration with JVZoo at a secret undisclosed location. A small group of VIPs paid to attend this private workshop where we taught the “behind the scenes” tips and tricks needed to become a JVZoo Super Affiliate. You’ll learn from Omar Martin, Melinda Martin and E.Brian Rose about creating affiliate marketing campaigns that kick ass.

FREE BONUS #2  $27 Value

Launch Superstar Training Course

Now we're taking you to the next level! This HLS video course was also created in collaboration with JVZoo at a secret location. We taught a room full of high paying VIPs the tips and tricks needed to become a JVZoo Super VENDOR. You’ll learn from Omar & Melinda Martin (Owners of HLS), E.Brian Rose & Bryan Zimmerman (Owners of JVZoo) and Delilah Taylor from TheJVManagers.com


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Omar & Melinda's 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

This product comes with a risk free 100% money back guarantee. We are confident that you’ll love the training but if you change your mind for any reason just let us know within the first 30 days from purchase and we will refund you 100% via PayPal.  Y No hoops to jump through, No gimmicks, No Bull Crap.

phone-logo-md Feel free to call us if you have any questions or concerns 866-205-3389

Listen To One User's Testimonial...


I was able to get early access to Funnel Boss and I gave it a shot and I gotta tell you, I was blown-away! I've tried a lot of different funnels but this was the most complete funnel training system that I've ever seen. And it literally worked!

Omar gives you the step-by-step training, I mean, he literally draws it out, right there in front of you! Everything that you need, from what you put on the front page and where it goes and how it's supposed to be—step-by-step, piece by piece.

Delilah Taylor Delilah Taylor

Here's What You're About To Get...

7 "digital whiteboard style" Funnel Boss training videos $47.00 Value
4 downloadable funnel diagrams & assorted resource lists $20 Value
3 Affiliate Superstar (on location) Training Videos & Slide PDF's. $27 Value
3 Launch Superstar Videos Featuring The Owners of JVZoo & Slide PDF's.  $27 Value
Access To The Funnel Boss Private "Peer to Peer" Facebook Group Priceless

It would take you YEARS to try and replicate all these funnels from scratch yourself. This is thousands of dollars and countless hours of work in the making.

If you were to buy these components from us individually the REAL retail price would be $121. (No B.S.) You are getting an amazing deal here.

Jump on this offer right now before the countdown ends and the special launch price expires!

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  • YES! Please give me instant access to all seven of "The Funnel Boss" video training modules so I can learn all your secret funnel hacks and more advanced strategies!
  • YES! Please include The Affiliate Superstar Video Course so that I can learn the secret tips and tricks used by the JVZoo SUPER Affiliates!
  • YES! Please include The Launch Superstar Video Course so I can learn how to run a Kick Ass Launch direct from the owners of HLS and the owners of JVZoo!
  • YES! I understand that this purchase is backed by your 100% money back guarantee for a full 30 days!

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Funnel Boss - Training Course
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There is no risk whatsoever and I should grab Funnel Boss Monthly RIGHT NOW for the small monthly investment. I understand that I have a FULL “no questions asked”  30 Day Money Back Guarantee, just by contacting your support desk.

Smart marketers are jumping all over this RIGHT NOW. Either you're in or you're out.

Frankly, at this price, this package is a no brainer option that you should just pick up right now.  Don't let a few bucks stand in the way of you and finally being able to make serious money CONSISTENTLY.

You're getting access in just a few seconds from now and trust me - you are going to love it.

Omar Martin

Omar Martin, CMO
Higher Level Strategies, Inc.

We stand behind our products and customers 100%. Our main focus is to do everything in our power to make your experience delightful and your business profitable.

Melinda Martin

Melinda Martin, CEO
Higher Level Strategies, Inc.

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